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Miss Fire Island Contest

History of Miss Fire Island

Inspired by the Miss America pageant, Miss Fire Island originated in 1966 when bartender Johnny Savoy wrote a take-off on Bert Park’s signature song. The small stage was where the disco booth is today, and the emcee was raspy-voiced Sabrina, who wore her glasses on the tip of her nose as she announced the candidates.

It began strictly as a Cherry Grove affair, but became so popular with the audience that by the second year we added a runway.

Miss Originality was first won by Francine, who came in an Oriental costume complete with fan, which when finally removed, revealed his full beard to the delight of the crowd. We discontinued this division when it began to resemble a Halloween parade.

Upon complaints from the older residents that the competition was all about “youth," we crowned Patty Ann the first Mrs. Fire Island in the mid-1980’s.

On Sunday we now present the Coronation Ball. If you miss Saturday’s contest, or just can’t get enough of the glamour, you may join our newly crowned queens around the pool as they strut their stuff in a 90 minute royal revue. You’ll see the performances that made them winners, then dance the day away with the Divas.

As the tradition continues, please join us for the 53rd Annual Miss Fire Island. The Contest will be on Saturday, September 8th, 2018 and the Coronation Ball (Winners’ Pageant and Tea Dance) on Sunday, September 9th, 2018.

So whether you come for the contest or dare to dance, buy your tickets today, because getting them later can be a drag…

Tickets on sale now!

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